How Complaining Steals Your Happiness

How Complaining Steals Your Happiness

No one likes to think of themselves as a complainer, right? I know I didn’t think of myself in this way and yet…

I noticed a few months back that I was feeling very grumpy and I was complaining more than usual. This in itself was fine, up to a point and initially felt good! And then I realized I was sliding into a repetitive rut and that complaining was stealing my enjoyment and ease in life.


How did I become aware of this? Well, my mood mostly, and then I started to tune in to my inner self-talk. Always the best way to gauge where I really am. Negative and defeatest self-talk never leads to success if left unadressed and it feels lousy, to say the least. So I addressed it! Firmly and lovingly – with awareness and humour… and shifted to ways to feel grateful instead. Almost immediately, my mood and self-talk became kinder and felt much better.

To be honest, even optimistic and strong people can be vulnerable to complaining. As humans, our emotional make-up is extremely complex and layered. It’s not about getting it all right and never complaining and more about being aware and knowing thyself well. From my experience, there are always signals that begin to show up as indicators of the direction I’m travelling. This is what Carl Jung, the Swiss Psychiatrist coined as ‘shadow work’ required to make the unconscious conscious.


The instances that helped me realize what was actually going on, was when I seemed to come across lots of posts on social media, people complaining! What the heck?! Yup, this is how it can show up and if I wasn’t aware and clear on where I want my emotional and mental compass to be, then I could get sucked in.


I can clearly remember my sense of affrontment when many years ago my therapist made me aware of the part of me that was the complainer. What, me a complainer!! No WAY…  Yes, indeed WAY! When I was able to see and acknowledge that a part of me felt comfortable complaining, I was able to make an empowered and conscious choice about this behaviour and pattern. I’m always grateful for clarity about myself!


Now, complaining is quite a common although disavowed habit, that can negatively impact our emotional well-being, relationships, and even physical health. As a complainer, we don’t always realize that what we are doing is ‘complaining’ and the impact this is having, until we become aware or have someone else point it out to us. This is NOT about judging yourself or others… it’s about awareness, perception and empowerment.

Complaining can also be a psychological defensive mechanism that occurs when we feel powerless to change something and creates a feeling of ambivalence. Beneath this mindset and behavioural pattern lies a wealth of wisdom about yourself, if your willing to dig and be honest with yourself.


To help make the unconscious more conscious, here are some ways that complaining can have a limiting impact longer-term:


1. Mental Health:

Complaining can lead to lowered mood and symptoms of anxiety, depression, and a negative outlook on life. This makes it harder to cope with stress and life’s challenges.


2. Personal Growth:

Continual complaining can hinder personal growth, causing feelings of irritability, frustration, and misplaced anger. This can show up as physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach pains, and a loss of appetite – ways that our body is letting us know that something needs to be addressed, not medicated, as is often the case. Don’t avoid seeking medical attention however to bring peace of mind.


3. Personal Relationships:

Most people don’t like hanging out with someone who is constantly complaining. Complaining behaviour can result in isolation and frustration in others, leading to feelings of loneliness and social isolation.


4. Lack Mentality:

Complaining robs people of enjoyment and is a sign of a sense of lack mentality.  There’s often a belief of unworthiness that can lead to financial worries and psychological distress.


5. Negative Behaviors and Habits:

Complaining can reinforce negative thinking patterns further and prevent individuals from taking action to address their concerns. No one likes to think of themselves as a complainer and this shuts us off from our awareness to when we do complain, making change seem impossible.


I’ve mentioned above how I shifted my mood and want to include some alternatives that can help break free from the cycle of complaining:


1. Gratitude Attitude:

Shift your focus from negative to positive aspects of life by practicing gratitude. Find anything that you can feel grateful for… and there’s always  at least one thing, in the Present moment! (Read my blog 4 Breakthrough Steps to Gratitude for deeper insights)


2. Healthy Expression:

All emotions are messengers and we honour them, yes even the ‘bad’ one when we acknowledge them. We learn to manage our emotions by venting  negative emotions and honouring how we truly feel. Talking about how you feel in a safe and present way is healthy and not complaining.


3. Understand that there is a Cost:

Be willing to recognize the link between complaining and the negative impact on mental, emotional, and physical health. If you need a mentor to help you see the bigger picture, take action. I certainly wouldn’t have the abilities I do today on my own, without the mentoring I received.


4. Focus on What You Can Control:

Stop complaining about things you can’t change and take action to address concerns within your control. Complaining steals your power, that’s all!


5. Set Your Intention:

Challenge yourself to go without complaining for a set period of time. Start small, e.g. one hour at a time. Initially, simply begin to notice where you complain and how you feel in the moment.


If you notice yourself complaining, stop and breathe. No judgement. Take back your power by identifying the triggers that lead to complaining and reflect on your emotions, identify the source, notice patterns, ask for feedback, and be present to your words, thoughs, behaviours. By understanding the impact of complaining and taking conscious action to break the habit, you can improve your emotional well-being and overall quality of life.

Will you stop complaining 100%. Maybe… However, if and when you do find yourself complaining – cause you’re Human right – then you will have the knowledge and skills to manage this behaviour efficiently, in a way that empowers you and sets you free from feeling like a victim.


Don’t let complaining steal your happiness!



Trilby Johnson is a Breakthrough Metaphysical Intuitive Mentor offering realistic, practical principles to assist highly-sensitive, intuitive and conscious individuals to heal, thrive and live their desired BIG lives.

Contact Trilby for a Breakthrough Assessment if you are ready for breakthrough beyond limitation into wisdom!

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10 Ways to Enhance Well-Being With Mind-Body Awareness

10 Ways to Enhance Well-Being With Mind-Body Awareness

The concept of the mind-body connection suggests that our feelings, ideas, and beliefs have a significant impact on our physical health and wellbeing, so let’s look at 10 ways to enhance your well-being through mind-body awareness.

For instance, when we feel stressed or nervous, our body reacts by releasing hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which can raise our blood pressure and heart rate. Chronic stress can have an adverse effect on our physical health over time, increasing the risk of diseases including high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity.

Mind-body modalities like yoga, tai chi, massage and meditation are useful in stress management and relaxation. These techniques can assist in lowering the body’s stress response and fostering a sense of well-being by emphasising the breath and developing a calm and focused attitude.

Additionally, mind-body techniques can strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, and advance the body’s capacity for self-healing.  Regularly engaging in mind-body techniques with more mindfulness can contribute to an enhanced sense of overall wellbeing and a variety of ways.

In my role as a metaphysical bodyworker and intuitive for over 25 years, I’ve been most struck by the lack of mind-body awareness of many. Once this link is set up and cultivated, healing and transformation takes off. So in my opinion, it’s vital to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and sense of connection and self-care.

Here are 10 areas that you can begin to focus on and cultivate into your daily self-care programme and to strenghten your mind-body awareness.

  1. Better sleep can help lower stress levels and enhance sleep quality, which in turn improves general health and wellbeing. 
  2. Increased physical activity or gentle movement, like yoga or tai chi or walking can be a good and enjoyable approach to up your physical movement levels and enhance your health in general. 
  3. Better emotional awareness, can assist people in feeling comfortable in managing their emotions and handling difficult situations more skilfully and confidently, promoting emotional stability and resilience.
  4. More self-awareness, allows people to become more conscious of their thoughts, feelings, and actions, enabling them to change their life for the better and feel more empowered.
  5. Greater relaxation, like conscious breathing, massage or acupuncture can aid in promoting relaxation, easing tension in the muscles, and enhancing general health.
  6. More effective stress management and awareness around emotional triggers can assist people in identifying the physical and emotional symptoms of stress, enabling them to take appropriate action and reduce stress.
  7. Healthier posture can be achieved through awareness techniques like yoga or Pilates and bodywork like massage that help with posture, which can lessen pain and discomfort in the shoulders, neck, and back.
  8. Enhanced attention span and concentration, can raise focus and concentration and enhance a feeling of Presence, contributing to raised performance and productivity.
  9. A stronger immune system, can help lower inflammation and strengthen the body’s natural ability to heal, which can enhance general health and lower the risk of sickness.
  10. Richer relationships allow for people to become more introspective and empathic, which can improve communication and foster better connections with others.

Overall, integrating mind-body practises into daily life can significantly improve physical health, emotional stability, and overall quality of life. Increased mind-body awareness can help people become more resilient and improve their capacity to handle everyday challenges in holistic and empowering ways.

 So which one are you going to attempt or focus on and do you have a favourite?

Let me know by commenting.

Take care of You!

Trilby x


Trilby Johnson is a Breakthrough Metaphysical Intuitive Mentor offering realistic, practical principles to assist highly-sensitive, intuitive and conscious individuals to heal, thrive and live their desired BIG lives.

Contact Trilby for a Breakthrough Assessment if you are ready for breakthrough beyond limitation into wisdom!

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Why You Are Not Consciously Thriving In Your Life

Why You Are Not Consciously Thriving In Your Life

thrivingconsciosness pictures

To truly thrive in life requires a consciousness that directs thriving frequencies so that they can be applied practically, effectively and efficiently. Plus a vehicle that is capable of receiving and streaming this information, that is your body. This is and what the Connective Embodiment™ Thriving Consciousness 4 Weeks Intensive installs and sets up for you in the areas of ‪#‎money‬, ‪#‎health‬, ‪#‎love‬ and many more……
Connective Embodiment™ is here to Illuminate, Simplify and Align. It is a quantum energy that is now available for upload on this Earth plane. The upload is facilitated by Trilby D. Johnson, and this consciousness serves as a platform between the physical body, its energy bodies and the intense accelerated photonic energies that are permeating all and now manifesting and coming into our range of awareness. This Connective Embodiment provides a physical context which will enhance the body’s cells ability and capacity to capture, encrypt, integrate and transmute these diverse and varied vibrational frequencies. This provides an easing of the strain and stress that our bodies are undergoing as they too acclimatise and rewires the brain installing new neural pathways.
Not only does Connective Embodiment encourage and oversee lightbody integration rapidly and with ease, it will directly hook you up to and align you with your original Soul signature’s blueprint. For centuries we have been out of alignment – thus off centre – from our our Soul signature’s tune. The majority of human bodies today are not able to tune into nor assimilate their tune efficiently and quickly. This has been visible in the constant and impenetrable sense of struggle and emotional upheaval that so many have experienced not only on a personal level, but on a social, cultural and even global level.

It is now possible to shift all of this held deep within the subconscious and to move on from striving to a life of thriving, with focus on the areas of money, health and love. Our current understanding and definition of these aspects has been skewed – deliberately manipulated – leading the majority to lead lives of quiet desperation and unexplainable suffering. Connective Embodiment is here to change this! It is deceptively subtly and extremely powerful. It is here to propulse us into the reality we are truly meant to be living and actively co-creating. One of expansion, health, abundance and joy.

If you are ready to move from struggle and striving and to fully embrace a thriving consciousness, please visit my website to read about all that will be illuminated, simplified and aligned in the 4 week intensive. It will quite simply be Life-Changing.

Now you may be thinking, this sounds too good to be true and it cannot be that simple. How is that programming working for you and showing up in your life? What if the beLIEf that no pain no gain is a lie that is keeping you separated and distracted from what really works for you? That keeps you in that space of feeling disconnected and dissatisfied with everything in your life, even though you may have what many consider an ideal life? If you are ready to change, experience a true sense of inner connection and alignment and be in-tune with life, then contact me now. Start investing in yourself now at

In Gratitude and Light.

Trilby D. Johnson is an Author and Vibrational Integration Mentor whose message of self-actualization, embodiment and self-love invites people from around the world to embrace their Sovereign Authenticity as they release chronic thinking around money, health and love. She provides tools and skills for people to live a life free of pain, suffering, sadness and self-limiting beliefs and makes spiritual living practical.

Find out more about the possibilities here –

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Interconnected Oneness

Interconnected Oneness

Tulips Near RuttenI know that everything is interconnected. I have felt it. And that as the Hathi’s said, where awareness goes energy flows and where energy goes awareness flows. Whichever is the predominate vibrational awareness will manifest and not focusing one’s awareness, a form of unconsciousness, is an awareness in itself.

With a strong connection to the Elemental Gaia, I know that Her plan is not our plan. All that is occuring is happening as a response to energy. We cannot get away from this fact. Everything is energy. All animals, plants, elementals, minerals, etc, everything does have a consciousness of its own, in that it is a part of a greater unfolding.

Humans are lucky in that they get to see, in this predominantly physical realm of denser vibration, the manifestation or de-manifestation of energy, visibly. That is, made physical, as are we! Because we have not been taught how to inter-commune with others or our surroundings, we are looking at things through the limited eyes of polarity thinking and until this shifts, well the rest of Creation is going to be doing what it has to do.

I hear people all the time moaning about the weather …………… too this, that, not enough this or that. When it rains I have to mow the lawn more often. Then they appear surprised when their lawn begins to die. The concept of Oneness already is. It is not something we have to attain, only to become conscious of. Creation is unfolding exactly as it is meant to. The Earth, Gaia does not need humans to continue. However, humans very much depend on the physical qualities of this planet to sustain their life. Whilst we are responsible for our vibration, the rest of the Universe is not dependent on it. This is a great arrogance that humans, if we are to survive, must transcend.

In Light.

Easy Peezy Bright and Breezy

Easy Peezy Bright and Breezy

mystical-mushrooms_5554What would an easy peezy bright and breezy Life look like?

In a recent radio interview with Linda Irwin of Unseen World, the issue of self-love, simplicity and receiving came up. Linda drew on several quotations from my new e-booka-Ha – insight inspiration question” and if there is a main theme to this book it is to offer suggestions of different possibilities and choices for Living and Well-Being.

More and more I am choosing to experience Life as truly simple. It is our ego mind that adds the drama and trauma to our idea of Living. Intensity seems to have become equated with validity, whereas simplicity is considered as easy peezy bright and breezy…….. or in other words ……….. BORING! And no one wants to be bored or considered boring, right?

I used to think that the more dysfunctional a relationship was, the more real it was. Because it was intense!! Just like a soap opera. Until I actually began to get bored by the repeated intensity of all my relationships. And one day I woke up and asked myself to find another way to Living that is fulfilling and peaceful and not endlessly depleting.

Whilst most people feel impelled to find an answer for any and all questions – the brain has become hardwired to function this way over the centuries – what if asking the correct question can unlock pandora’s box? And would you want to go there?

They say that the truth is often hidden in plain sight. This is the reason why simplicity is required. How do you simplify things? First, you stop whatever you are doing and shift your awareness to your breathing. Our breathing is so simple that we take it completely for granted and yet it – above all else – keeps us alive in our body. Just begin to give more and more attention to how you breathe – without attempting to change anything. Become aware of how this simple small shift in focus, leads to more space …….. and perhaps in the quiet you begin to notice and sense the magic that is continuously unfolding, just beyond the perimeter of you current awareness. When you transmute the energy by consciously choosing your thoughts, your can discover the magical secrets of pandora’s box.

When you ask a question and stop to allow and receive the influx of information without judgement, there is a mental door that opens up during the pause, offering a world of possibilities to choose from. It happens in a split milli-second and most of us are too busy to even notice it there. And our cognitive programming is such that in its efficiency to support us, our physical brain has programmed these habits into our neurological make-up. Very efficient, but perhaps no longer practical and applicable. It is time to outgrow the habit ….. and this requires conscious input of new data. So if you are feeling bored by simplicity, open the door named boredom and take a closer look. You may find there is more to boredom than you first thought or perceived.

Life can be challenging and we can find ourselves in difficult situations, so I am not being flippant when I talk about a life that is easy peezy bright and breezy. Rather I am inviting you to stop and connect to your power of creation and look for the simplicity. If you are vibrating on a frequency of simplicity, then you will attract all the simplicity that the Universe has to offer – Law of Attraction. The truth is quite literally under your nose ……. YOUrself!

May you enjoy and have fun with the unfolding of your Creations.

In Light.


p.s. you can sign up for and download my BREATHE audio for free now