by best selling author Trilby Johnson

I DID IT!   16 Mindset Secrets to Transform the Life You Have into the Ultimate Life You Deserve 

BooksDo you often wonder what is that ‘One Secret’ that gives certain people the extraordinary tools to transform their lives? You may think, “How did they do it? If I know what they are, I can create my Ultimate life too!”

In this book, you will discover 16 different secrets from successful entrepreneurs around the world, sharing their proven methods with you. It’s like having 16 mentors coaching you directly.

They generously reveal the strategies, mindset and wisdom they learned by embracing their inner strength to create their Ultimate life. You will be able to model and use the exact same tactics and create your own success in your life.

These are real people with real results. Anyone with a dream and passion can apply the secrets shared in this book and create their own success too. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step path they have laid out before you.

One year from now, you could be living your Ultimate Life, whether it is in lifestyle, career, business, love – no matter what you desire! While giving your family the best possible future!

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FEARLESSLY ALONE  Finding Your Happy No Matter What


FEARLESSLY ALONE is a literary feast from best selling author and breakthrough healer and mentor Trilby Johnson, on how to find your happy no matter what. These books tackles the often felt, but rarely strategically discussed subject of loneliness and the impact of isolation on the mindset.

With a winning voice and practical, hands-on guidance and exercises, Trilby offers the keys to identifying and dealing with loneliness in an empowered way that leads you to an “aha” moment of understanding: you can be alone, but you don’t have to be lonely.

FEARLESSLY ALONE is the book you need to have build inner resilience and have a chance at peace, prosperity and purposeful relationship with yourself and others – mind, body and soul.

A-HA MOMENTS – Inspirational Quotes to Shift Your Thinking


A-HA MOMENTS is a voice of wisdom, light and love. Author Trilby Johnson has created a refreshing treatise on life and how to live it on your own terms. From loving your body to self-acceptance to embracing joy, this life manual is a soothing balm to the soul, a quiet peace to the spirit and a sweet gift to the body.

A-HA MOMENTS is a book no one should live without if they want to love from within! Described as “an ‘eternal’ book and not one you read once and stuff away on a shelf somewhere.”

Practical advice for body, mind and soul dynamics. Goes beyond the general New Age information, taking understanding and experiencing daily living to the next level of Being.

Use whenever you have a question and require guidance.


Women who empower Women! VOICES OF THE 21ST CENTURY  – is a collaborative collection of empowering stories by 50 bold, brave and brilliant women.

Trilby’s chapter – ‘Antidote to Racism’ – is inspired by her childhood in South Africa during the Apartheid regime and triggered by the mosque shootings in Christchurch in March 2019.

She writes of the way her personal struggles to break through stereotypical thinking and mental health issues made her stronger and more aware of the essential nature of self-love.

The reader is sure to find inspiration amongst the many stories of courage and overcoming hardships, found in these pages. 

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