I am very selective about who I allow to work on me, in any form, as we would all be. Trilby was in my awareness for a few months before I finally leapt into her magic space and I have never regretted it, not even once. I go and see her – for Intuitive Massage and Facial Diagnostics – with full faith that I will be gently held accountable, my body is safe and the lightness I feel after being on her table is something I rave about to everyone in the area. Some people are just designed for this, and work really hard on themselves to facilitate spaces this powerful, this beautiful lady is one of them!

Rachel Small

I had facial diagnostic treatment with Trilby for 8 months. It has been great!
I went with very red veins on my cheeks and also bursitis on my knee. Using the (Schuessler) mineral salts and creams has resolved these issues and more. I highly recommend it.

Evelyn Burrows

My first Reiki hour with Trilby was a gift from a friend and after I’d experienced family trauma which had left me not myself. I recommend Trilby as a gifted Reiki practitioner.

Kris Fowler

As one of Trilby’s regular massage clients I became curious about these (Schuessler) cell salts. At the end of last year (2019) I was feeling quite depleted both physically and mentally. I was also experiencing some physical pain and discomfort in my hip.

I found the Facial Diagnostics consultation – which included a questionnaire really comprehensive – and it was a great way to stop and look at me.

I was really surprised by how quickly my body responded to these mineral salts and I felt markedly revived. Interesting responses outside of the physical were becoming ‘unstuck’ mentally and emotionally.

Trilby works intuitively and I feel her approach was very aligned with what I needed at the time.

2 months on and I feel in a very different space, physically stronger, no more hip pain, mentally and emotionally I have moved out of a slump and am experiencing a more motivated, energised and invigorated way of being.

These salts have many benefits and I am really happy with the results. Thank you Trilby!!!

Rebecca Foster

After just two months of taking cell salts following my initial Facial Diagnostic appointment and follow ups with Trilby I have been transformed.

I have lacked energy, and spark and could hardly bring myself to laugh and enjoy life. Well two months on I am laughing like I haven’t laughed in months, perhaps even years and enjoying the silly things in life, much more relaxed and chilled, I’ve got the brightness back in my eyes and feeling like a normal person again. Thanks Trilby.

Oh and by the way Trilby gives the best massage ever. 

Janice Thompsett


I had the opportunity of experiencing Trilby’s energetic healing capability when I stumbled and fell on a cobble stone road and landed on my knees!

A few hours after this incident, Trilby did an energetic healing session on my knee which hurt and was slightly swollen. It only took a short time, but this session helped me to fully enjoy my long planned vacation which started the following day. 

I had no problems and no pain walking afterwards and I did not even think about the incident anymore.  For that I was very thankful. 

I loved the ease with which the healing session was done as well as the fact that at the same time some old cellular memories were cleared!  I can only recommend her. 

She is very talented and is a true intuitive healer and does the work she does with her heart. 

Erika R.


I came to see Trilby for Breakthrough 1 on 1 sessions, to ask for help with my chronic pain from an injured back, and pain and bleeding from endometriosis.
Trilby helped me find a new way of living with my pain, letting go of the fear that was causing a lot of my pain. Fear of pain on movement, fear that today’s pain would be permanent. She released my old, limiting beliefs, and replaced them with a belief in my own abundance of health.
I have learned that I have some control over my experience of pain and can live with what I consider an acceptable level of discomfort (there is no magical way to remove all pain instantly…!) So that now I do not experience the spikes in pain that I used to and I am able to use my body with more ease and love.
As a result of this freeing of fear and pain, I am more energised and better able to live my life well. I don’t wait to feel better tomorrow. I know that when I wake up each day that I am better, I can move with less pain, and that I have a good body that works with me, not against me.
Before I came to Trilby I had seen a whole host of other practitioners in an effort to relieve my pain. All offered some relief, but most of it was brief. Trilby has somehow reset my pain, and given me the ability to keep well, well beyond our sessions together. For this I am forever grateful. Lisa x

Lisa B

I have had the joy of working with Trilby for some energy alchemy sessions.


I had been feeling very tired and unwell and felt that I was just existing and going through the motions of my work and life in general.

Through several sessions, Trilby has taught me many things – to relax, to breathe, to let go of the self limiting beliefs that I had.
It is a very powerful thing to know that you can be the catalyst for change in your own life by making a choice to just let things go! My outlook has changed significantly and I no longer hold back. I know and trust my own instincts and have a more positive way of looking at my life, and if any negativity creeps in, I can choose to change. Trilby is a wonderful teacher, she has a calm and gentle approach to working on “the hard stuff” in a very empowering way and I am very grateful to have had this learning opportunity”

Wendy G.

I truly did not know what to expect from this 28 Days F.A.T. Diet programme when I began. I have had a “problem” with my weight consistently and insistently creeping up on me for the past several years, and am always looking at Diets and weight loss programs, to find something that would work. Trilby and I met during a course we were both taking, and I was very intrigued with her new program. When she rolled it out, I was eager to enroll and find out if I could learn something about body and weight that I didn’t already know. I ended up having one of the most unique and uplifting experiences of my life!

I lost a few more pounds, although weight loss was not at all the focus of these sessions.

At the end of the programme, I am left with a huge gift – of having met Trilby and experienced her gifts, knowledge & perspectives, and having gained through her, a new awareness of my body and how to provide it with the health, happiness and love it deserves. ”

Nan Einarson, Motivational Coach and Best-Selling Author

The 28 Days FAT Diet is an in depth focus on the different layers of the well-being of you & your body. Each day veil after veil is revealed and handled.

We all supposedly know what helps us change. At least, I thought I did. Over these 28 days, I felt guided to release, create & be motivated to uphold the difference. Without looking within we can only achieve the yo yo. After participating in this unique and light activating programme, I now can see, feel and know who I am clearer and my body is now aligned and ready. I wholeheartedly recommend the 28 Days F.A.T DIET  to all.

Brenton Grosser-Czech, Author and International Holistic Facilitator

Trilby’s Advanced Body Love program was transformational for me. I chose the 4 week intensive because I knew I was becoming overly concerned about aging. I love my body, yet felt more and more critical of the changes it was going through. What I noticed was that in each session the experience was like going to a spa, where you can surrender the body to the massage therapist to work on it. I have a busy, active life and I am always the one ‘trying to find the answers.’

These sessions were gorgeously passive, and I could just show up and allow Trilby to connect to my body and ask it what it needed. I had input too, with particular areas I wanted to focus on resolving, so it was still interactive. I would recommend the multiple session programs because I saw it build momentum until I had some truly incredible breakthroughs especially in the last 2 sessions.

Trilby (and my body) worked together for my benefit and one of the most important results I received was a powerful balancing of my masculine and feminine. I also can continually feel the blocks she removed, and I can say that she literally ‘gave me back my wings.’ I will be eternally gratefully for the breakthroughs I have had during the 4 weeks and it feels like I have gone through a portal into new possibilities for my life and my business.

Thank you Trilby. You have a very special gift and I am glad you are sharing it with the world.

Lori Mitchell – Author, Speed Manifesting / At the Speed of Beliefs

My goal was to release Tourette Syndrome. I had one session and although I still have the Tourette Syndrome but am hoping it will shift after I listen to the recording of the session a few times.

  • Immediately after the session, upon standing, I felt a lot lighter, like I had released a lot of energetic weight.
  • I also feel more openness and expansiveness. I realized during the session that although I often talk about opening to what is beyond perceived limitations, that there were ways in which I was limiting what is possible for me and I did not realize it. I will be exploring this further.
  • I loved Trilby’s suggestion for working with my inner skeptics! I had never considered that before and I have already put it to good use.

Linda White Dove, M. Ed., Awakening Facilitator

The challenges I was facing before working with Trilby were, lack of a paid work with joy. I felt frustrated and a lack of stimulation. Since the session:

  • I feel lighter and more motivated around home.
  • this has had a flow on effect into my relationship with my partner for the better.
  • with feeling lighter I feel more energetic.
  • the chatter in my head has lessened. I still get some chatter but nothing like before.
  • this makes me feel calmer and happier.
  • No change on the job front as yet, but coping with it better knowing work has been done to support the search and everything is as it should be.
  • A sense of excitement has returned.

It was fun working with Trilby, who kept it light with her sense of humour. I felt anything could be discussed and follow-up was there if required.


When I had my first intuitive bodywork session with Trilby, I had been struggling most of my adult life with weight loss and when menopause hit I became extremely frustrated.  I tried diets, exercise programs, herbs, supplements and so forth, but continued to gain weight. I began to realize that there was probably an emotional component to my problem and that is when Trilby offered to help.

She took me through a technique that allowed me to remember my initial struggle with weight loss and I could see the emotions involved. I was able to release those old feelings and exchange them for more positive ones. Trilby then took me back to past lives and I could see the patterns and my sense of heaviness and “burden”. I was thrilled to see the connections and again was able to release and shift those thought processes that we’re keeping me weighed down. I went away from the session feeling lighter and free!

Two days after the session I weighed myself and I had lost two kilograms without even dieting!! I don’t know if I will continue to lose weight, but I have learned to love myself as I am and I am still feeling very free of past burdens and open to possibilities. I continue to feel happy about life and I am looking forward to feeling well within my body. I think a new exercise routine is in order and I know this time I will see some results. I would highly recommend Trilby and this new technique. It was very easy, non threatening and very effective. Thank you, Trilby for making life a little easier!

Kathy Milam, New Zealand

It never ceases to amaze me how every single time I have a session with Trilby, there is ALWAYS something new to be discovered and healed. Always! Today a very subtle yet POWERFUL transformation happened to me with her when I realized that I was caught up in an attitude of constant doing, never allowing myself to simply relax and just be myself… that’s the biggest shift in attitude I’ve had to date, to realize that “hey, it’s okay, I’m okay, it’s okay to be myself, I don’t have to add anything to me, I’m okay just the way I am”. .. a HUGE relief and a sense of freedom that’s growing in me deeper and deeper as we speak! Always the best, and I thank you for your great service Trilby!

Noah A. – USA

What I really love about the work Trilby does, is it has a trickle effect, her energy processes not only changed my life, but also my family’s and extended family’s and friends’, through this trickle. I now know my body so well, it’s like it talks to me, which may sound a bit weird to some, but not to others. How would it feel to you to know and really understand what’s going on in and around you. I can ask a question and I get the answer very quickly. I have also over come my fear of flying which is awesome, I have now had a couple of great trips to Australia, with some great experiences, something I would have missed if I hadn’t changed. I am now so much more aware. There is so much more, I just can’t explain it. What I really want to say is, I feel different, it’s a good feeling and a knowing I’m on the right track for me. Thank You Trilby.

Teresa Montgomery, New Zealand

“Trilby’s strength of awareness & clarity, alongside the tools she offers & teaches, have provided me with empowering support on my journey. My growth & transformation has been assisted & accelerated with Trilby’s kind & loving approach. She has really helped me to move forward in my life in a positive & healing direction. I find Trilby supports, honours & empowers me, to be all that I am & can be, fully. I would highly recommend her. It means a lot, thank you Trilby.”  Love Damune xox

Damune, New Zealand

After finding a lump in my left arm the size of a squash ball, I realized I had a choice to make. Feed the human fear or create a reality of thriving. It took me a few moments to decide and I chose to thrive. In that moment, I realized that I could just facilitate it myself, or I could ask for facilitation from someone else. So I contacted Trilby Johnson, gave her the details and asked her for facilitation. Within moments of the session beginning, the lump began reacting and reducing in size and importance. It continued to do so until it disappeared. It took seconds! It is over a week now. I have no sign of any lumps at all. I am left with a new experience of how we can co-create. I could have created it alone, it was a choice to ask for facilitation. We are never alone and asking for facilitation is a choice. in this case it was filled with Ease Joy Glory. Thank you Trilby for your amazing abilities and tools and your compassionate facilitation and feedback you offered during this remote healing experience.’

Brenton Großer-Czech, Switzerland/Australia

“A big thank you to Trilby for the great energy bodywork I received recently. I was going through a period of #anxiety which also brought on #depression and really needed some help. Having the energy #bodywork done certainly helped me let something go. I appreciate her work and would recommend her to others. With Gratitude Evelyn”

Evelyn – New Zealand

“I thought I was going for just a facial when I booked a session with Trilby, but it was one of the most deeply restful experiences I have ever had, as well as a beautiful spiritual one!  This was even more profound considering I was still going through the remnants of Chronic Fatigue and insomnia, and had been unable to rest deeply for over 20 years. I vanished somewhere into this incredibly peaceful space which was a blessing for my exhausted body and mind. A truly wonderful experience, needless to say I have had a few more since that first time!!! And my face was RADIANT each time! Thanks heaps Trilby.“

Lynn Tracey – New Zealand

It was a delight to be interviewed by Trilby Johnson on her radio show. She made it feel like it was a talk between the two of us. She has a way of being curious about the topic, and that puts her in her listeners’ shoes. I think her skillful way of being present as she asks a spontaneous question is just what opens up so much in her shows, and that’s why so many people enjoy tuning in. She is appreciative and respectful to her hosts and listeners, and that makes such a difference.

Lori Mitchell | SPEED Manifesting(TM), Australia

Trilby I am so grateful for your wonderful FREE BREATHE audio! Initially I thought I didn’t need it so I didn’t use it thinking I was beyond it! Oops…However, I ‘knew’ that breathing was what I required to make a huge change that I was asking for. The simplest things are the things that can create the greatest change. So choosing to BREATHE each day has created so much more connection with my life, my body and my universe!

Shirley-Anne – Australia

Apres avoir soignee une mauvaise angine, me voila une amigdale gonfllee qui apres deux mois reste toujours dans le meme etat, et accompagnee de maux de tete, de tres tres gros maux de tete!!! Trois fois je serais allee chez le medecin pour savoir ce qu’il m’arrivait. Et je n’ai eu aucune reponse. J’avais des douleurs dans le corp, au niveau de la nuque et toujours dans le crane! Mon medecin decide de m’envoyer voir un ORL, car il n’avait aucune solution pour moi, surtout que mes resultats singuins etaient parfait. Mais la, pareil, tout va bien me dit l’ORL, vous etes en bonne santee!!! Une blague pour moi qui souffrait le martir!!! C’est la que mon amie trouva l’adresse de Trilby sur internet, un micracle, je pris rendez-vous toute de suite. Voila, apres deux seances avec Trilby je me sentais de nouveau vivre. Toute mes douleurs avaient disparues. Et apres 5 mois de problemes. je peux vous dire que j’etais tres tres heureuse, un vrais bonheur. Merci de tout mon coeur Trilby, merci encore. You are amazing!!!

English translation – After treating a bad sore throat, I found myself with a swollen tonsil that after two months was still in the same state, accompanied by terrible headaches – very severe headaches!! I went to the doctor three times to find out what was happening to me. And I got no answer. I ached in my body, in the neck area and always in the skull! The doctor decided to send me for an ERI , as he didn’t have a solution, especially since my blood tests were perfect. But there too, the ERI showed everything as good and healthy!!!  It was a joke as I was suffering terribly!!! It was then that my friend found Trilby’s address on the internet, a miracle, and I immediately made an appointment. After two sessions of energy healing with Trilby I felt alive again. All my pains had disappeared. And after having had unexplainable health problems for 5 months, I can only say that I was extremely happy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Trilby, thank you. You are amazing!!!

Lucie Cochennec (France) –  New Zealand

I have been going to Trilby for treatment. Trilby has taught me how to #breathe properly.  When in pain I now ask this pain why it is there and then tell it to go away.  I have found that this deep breathing technique has worked for me, no more swollen ankles. So now that whenever i am in pain or just feeling down, I do some deep breathing exercises and find that this really does work. I have never felt so good in a long time!   The massage that comes with the sessions is out of this world, to release all the bad energy – just leaves you feeling tired but relaxed.   I would recommend to anyone to go and see Trilby for some expert advise.

Diane Guard, – New Zealand

I was feeling anxious and lacking confidence so I made an appointment with Trilby for an energy bodywork session. After some clearings, I was feeling like I had let something go that I no longer needed. Since that session I hadn’t had the feeling of anxiety and feel more confident. I have noticed when I decide to do something that I once felt that I was too scared to do, and then wouldn’t do. I can now do easily, and that make me feel even better about myself. Thanks Trilby! I would totally recommend Trilby

Stacey Montgomery – New Zealand

Thank you, Trilby, for the opportunity to be interviewed on your blog radio show. I was nervous thinking about being interviewed, but you made me feel right at home with your welcoming energy, true interest in my work, and playful sense of humor. The 30 minutes flew by and I had a fun time. I look forward to being on your show again.

Linda White Dove, M. Ed., RMT, Awakening Facilitator, USA

Trilby Johnson is unique. In the many treatments and intuitive sessions that I have had with various practitioners over the past 20 years, I can say that what Trilby accomplished was phenomenal. The benefits and obvious changes I received from spending 30 minutes with Trilby via Skype…were enormous. She has a gift! A very caring and genuine person, what Trilby does is to spiritually and mentally tap into the essence of what you need to change, improve, release, or manifest in your life. It is not complicated ~ it’s so simple it’s refreshing. The process is easy, grounded, very straight-forward. It seems effortless – actually casual…yet the results are specific, and in my case, quite amazing! If you need anything from clarity to calmness to a major life “make-over” ~ Trilby can assist you in allowing it to happen. She can tune in to old issues that have held you back, and assist in re-routing and silencing those messages so they no longer have any power. It is well worth the time and money to give yourself the gift of a clear space to be guided into a new way of existing, minus some baggage and burdens. Trilby Johnson is the real thing!

Bonnie Bonsor – USA

Well here I am a couple of weeks after my healing with Trilby and I am still pain-free in my back. I was extremely amazed at the immediate relief when working with Trilby by phone, of back pain that I had been carrying for many years. I had been able to release some of it through Spiritual healing previously, but I still kept re-injuring my back. Now, not only is the pain gone, but I feel that the need to hold on to that pain has gone, the fear of re-injuring and the need to re-injure has melted away. Yes I still have tightness that my chiropractor is helping me with, but the actual pain is no longer there. This is all quite overwhelming as I had accepted that I would be in pain for the rest of my life. Healing with Trilby has changed my future for the better. Love and light LM

Lynda-Marie Greenland – New Zealand

Reiki 1st Degree for me, well first I would like to say Trilby is a great teacher and person. I did a little energy work before learning Reiki, but since I have been applying it to my life, I now really feel it. It really has changed my life, I have become more aware. I have also been using Reiki on both my parents, they have both said they feel more free in their body and seem to be able to do more in their day without feeling sore or tired. I highly recommend Reiki 1 and Trilby as your teacher.

Teresa Montgomery – New Zealand

After thinking about meditation for some time and wondering if ” it ” was for me I was informed about Trilby’s class of four sessions Exploring Meditation. From the first session I was just buzzing waiting for the next week. Trilby was informative in her introduction and warmly welcomed us to ask questions and open our minds to new experiences. At all times I felt safe, supported and comfortable. I would recommend to anyone if you are unsure or want to know more or do meditation and want to explore different options then this is the course for you. May Peace be with you.

Molly Halpin – New Zealand

I fully recommend going to Trilby’s meditation course. Awesome tutor and the meditation for me gave me some amazing experiences and one of them was just being in the moment and awareness if something come up for me during meditation that I didn’t like to acknowledge it, keep breathing, and then the monkey chatter was less noticeable. Thank you Trilby.

Wendy Latter – New Zealand

Trilby is a great person, she has helped me to love who I am and just to know and trust when I ask the question. Trilby also gives a great massage. She has given her time to people, to explore meditation – I found these evening very interesting and enjoyable. Trilby is a kind, loving, knowing, beautiful lady. I really enjoy her company. Thank you Trilby.

Teresa Montgomery – New Zealand

Thanks again Trilby for a wonderful experience in the Exploring Meditation Workshops. I thoroughly enjoyed them. Learning to relax my body and mind and letting my spirit soar high has been a true gift. xxxxx

Leanne Gibbons – New Zealand

I found the #meditation course really useful and a wonderful thing to do. You get out of it what you need and can take that away with you and use in your daily life.

Liz Miller – New Zealand

The meditation workshop was excellent. It was interesting to discover the different ways to meditate and experience which suited the individual person better. Trilby is a great facilitator making the sessions fun and passing on her experience and knowledge. Her explanations and answers to various questions that popped up were well answered and made perfect sense. Thanks a lot!

Sylvia Gregory – New Zealand

Trilby offered a variety of styles during the 4 week workshop which were both inspiring and liberating. I have personally practiced #meditation for many years but have found a renewed enthusiasm which has encouraged me to experiment more in my personal practice. Trilby is an exceptional facilitator, her teaching is clear and well presented nurturing a very supportive and non judgmental environment

Trudy Hennessy – New Zealand

I greatly enjoyed the meditation workshop with Trilby.  I now have techniques I can apply to continue the sessions on my own.

Sabine Lieflander – New Zealand

I had no experience of meditation so it was a new journey for me. I was open to it all and loved each session. The breathing one is especially helpful to me -it’s available to me anywhere, anytime.  Thank you. The group was respectful and open too – good energy all around.

Jeanette Collins – New Zealand

A HUGE THANK YOU to Trilby for today and the energy work you did. You have brought me back to myself and I feel grateful for your healing touch. You have opened my eyes to my potential to heal myself. Hope to see you again soon. Love and Light ♥ ♥

Leanne Gibbons – New Zealand

Trilby’s Reiki teachings were very informative and contained a lot on the history of Reiki. I found our two day session fascinating and wonderful. I felt completely safe and in good hands. She is very understanding, has an very open mind and made me feel confident to practice Reiki on my clients. I highly recommend this course (Usui Reiki 1st Degree) to anyone interested in learning Reiki and if you decide to do it, you will realize (as I did) that you have met someone very special.

Leanne Thomason – New Zealand

That call facilitated by Trilby was fabulous. I was so surprised to hear each topic.. it covered everything.. what hit home for me last night was money of course, and addressing physical pain.. but, more important was really seeing feeling the connection that you deal with all of them the same..it was so helpful that it repeats itself like that.. it really sticks in your mind.. today. I feel more empowered and I know more than ever that it is up to me.. my thoughts and how I choose to address them and interpret them that make all the difference..

Ren Fisher – USA

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and I’m an empath. It’s been really hard for me to not feel overwhelmed with people’s plights at the moment, following the Christchurch Earthquakes and Aftershocks. Not to mention the energy of the earth. It has impacted me detrimentally. Trilby invited me to ask the question “who does it belong to?” and I instantly felt a lot better.  Every time I find myself experiencing thoughts or feelings or energy that makes me anxious or scared, I go through the process Trilby taught me and I relax straight away and feel my energy change. Thanks Trilby, you’re a life saver.”

Kate Strong, Christchurch, New Zealand

I recently had an treatment with Trilby. The treatment was amazing. It made me feel more relaxed than I have ever been before. I found Trilby to be very professional, she made me feel very comfortable and was very pleasant to deal with.

Kerri J. – New Zealand

Seeking alternative holistic treatment for my newly diagnosed arthritis I was extremely lucky to find Trilby Johnson whose treatment is amazing!  Since starting the treatment of  Energy Bodywork and Coaching, I have never had to endure the joint pain associated with this condition and and therefore have been able to live comfortably without drugs. The double bonus is, after all her world travels she now lives in New Zealand ! Thank you Trilby.

Irene Maher – New Zealand

Trilby is amazing. She had great sense of what was happening inside me and I feel she still does to this date. I had great worry over a lump found in my breast (which is not anything sinister). Initially I was looking for a massage to relax myself.  I saw the write up about the Bars treatment and went with my gut feeling.  As I lay on the massage bed, I felt like I was in a trance whilst I spoke, totally relaxed but as if Trilby had tuned into my body – this was the first time I felt, what I now know is the feeling of energy, a vibration. My world really did change from the moment I met Trilby. I often wish I was back in NZ to meet with her – she opened my eyes to many things and I love her after meeting her twice! A definite recommendation. Love and sparkles to you Trilby!

Amy Palmer, UK

Want to experience positive and sustainable breakthrough in your life, relationships, finances, health and mindset?