Breakthrough Mentor, Intuitive, Best-Selling Author and Speaker

Let me assist you to breakthrough so that you can step into more wisdom and self-love!

Hi, I’m Trilby Johnson and I am passionate about providing you with mentoring and intuitive facilitation to create an inner shift of awareness that you’re looking for.

As everything is energy – this is the starting point to create and install the new and release what is no longer required.

I use an integrative process of healing and mentoring that transmutes issues at their origin, quickly, effectively and efficiently.


When conscious and subconscious pain and stress are left unresolved, these impact on and inform the quality of your behavioural patterns.


Through my studies and personal experience, I have observed the importance of acquiring and cultivating a set of life skills and mindset that has empowerment as a default setting.


I know it’s possible to turn things around and I can mentor you to create effective and sustainable breakthrough and healing in their own life situations.


With personal healing, you can experience inner harmony and outer balance can be experienced more on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Step into more wisdom and self-love.


I feel honored and blessed to co-create with each of my clients. 


If you would like to experience breakthroughs in your life, relationships, finances, health, mindset, and soul connection, I can assist you.


I look forward to meeting you soon. 







I will teach you life skills to mentor yourself positively.


I will teach you to accept reality & feel better in your action.


I will teach you to take empowered actions to lead a good life.



Why you need to develop healthy habits?

After many years of studying different modalities and meeting different people, I have learned that my emotions are messengers to what is and isn’t working well across my life.

I also learned to measure the value of each emotion and to identify the link between what I was feeling and thinking and what and who was showing up in my outer world. Once I recognized and changed the limiting habits/mindset to new healthy habits, life got a whole lot better.

Knowing how to create and cultivate a healthy habit is extremely empowering!

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