Conscious Breathing is a method that's 100% natural, organic, rapid and available to reduce stress and find more calm, inner wisdom and navigate life.
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MIDWINTER REACHARGE – Growing in Times of Change

If you’d like some support and insights and inspiration on how to continue growing in the changing energy,
then this event in June 2022 is for you.

With daily programmes to choose from.

On 8th June 7.30pm, I will be hosting my class
‘Salts of the Earth for Metaphysical Embodimen
Live from New Zealand.

It’s online, so you can join from anywhere!!

Click here for more information and to register

MidWinter Recharge Event June 2022

And to browse the other classes click on events.




Breakthrough Savvy

Breakthrough Savvy makes it easier to achieve change, especially when you get the right support. You don’t have to do it all on your own. Let’s explore some options together. Book a complimentary session today!

Breakthrough Savvy

Sessions tailored for you – to reduce your stress, stop struggling, feeling stuck in your life, relationships, finances, health and mindset, soul connection and enable you to go beyond limitation into wisdom.

Breakthrough Savvy

Hi, I’m Trilby Johnson and I have a knack for facilitating energetic shifts for others in their body, mind, soul. So if you feel stuck or are struggling to breakthrough and gain clarity, I have the breakthrough savvy to assist you to live the life you truly desire. Let me assist you.

Jared SJared S
20:03 11 Jan 22
I cannot recommend Trilby highly enough. She is absolutely fantastic & sets a very high bar for intuitive massage & healing.
rachel smallrachel small
23:18 15 Aug 21
I am very selective about who I allow to work on me, in any form, as we would all be. Trilby was in my awareness for a few months before I finally lept into her magic space and I have never regretted it, not even once. I go and see her with full faith that I will be gently held accountable, my body is safe and the lightness I feel after being on her table is something I rave about to everyone in the area. Some people are just designed for this, and work really hard on themselves to facilitate spaces this powerful, this beautiful lady is one of them!
Evelyn BurrowsEvelyn Burrows
20:49 04 Aug 21
I have been having facial diagnostic treatment with Trilby for 8 months. It has been great. I went with very red veins on my cheeks also bursitis on my knee. Using the mineral salts has resolved these issues and more. I highly recommend it.
K MedsK Meds
22:15 02 Aug 21
I have been seeing Trilby for massage for the past 12 months every 2 weeks.I used to be constantly in pain, after no real success with other treatment methods.I now live pain free 90% of the time, and when my body does go through a particularly physical time which would normally result in weeks of pain afterwards, instead I'm now back to normal within a few days.I can not recommend Trilby enough as an essential part of your bodies ongoing maintenance!
Sarah BrownSarah Brown
01:04 14 Jul 21
I highly recommend Trilby as a masseuse. I’ve been seeing her regularly for many months now and have never been disappointed. She has a real gift for massage and is excellent value! Highly highly highly recommend!

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