Breakthrough Mentoring and Metaphysical Intuitive sessions are designed and individually tailored specifically to remove struck energy and lingering core patterns in your physical, mental, emotional and soul body.


Left unresolved these patterns keep you feeling abandoned, anxious, betrayed, depressed, dis-eased, frustrated, grieving, hopeless, isolated, lonely, limited, lacking, overwhelmed, pained, rejected, sad, stuck, suffering, unfulfilled and unworthy…


These breakthrough sessions are where you get clarity and resolution around all those challenging situations and questions you experience, like ‘Why would I create something like this for myself?’, ‘Who am I?’, ‘What’s my purpose?’, ‘What’s causing this pain?’, or ‘How can I feel good about myself and my life?’, or ‘How can I breathe and/or meditate with ease?’, etc.


These sessions help to empower, by creating clarity and connection, shifting consciousness, rewiring your brain and dna and ultimately healing and relief!


The change is enabled on all levels of the body, mind and soul. And this is the reason there’s sustainable breakthrough!


It’s simpler than you may think to go beyond limitation into wisdom, when you have the correct skills!

I will be with you every step of the way to empower and support you as you navigate your true potentials.



  • Throughout, I facilitate the energy dynamics for you on all levels so that you are able to connect to your inner knowing with more ease and effectively and experience the shift in awareness required.
  • Each session is unique and will start from ‘where you are’. Because you’re different to others and also to who you were previously.
  • No two sessions are the same.
  • It will be a deep conversation in which I assist you in reframing and rewiring your brain and offer new life skills, as we converse.
  • It will be a metaphysical intuition while you lay down and I facilitate the energies via your body’s wisdom.



Here are just a few scenarios that may be playing out for your and where Breakthrough 1:1 is possible so you can move forward in a new different way and achieve new outcomes, beyond limitation:

  • unresolved, ongoing patterns of thought, emotions, physical pain, soul connections -> find relief

  • ancestral or past life baggage -> have clarity and peace and closure

  • confusion, lack of clarity, loss of purpose -> have clarity and move forward

  • anxiety and stress, depression, trauma, phobias -> no longer an issue

  • to change your mindset and can’t pinpoint what exactly is ‘off’ -> identify what is working and expand that

  • in a rut and can’t get out to -> avoiding the rut altogether

  • to get off the NOT-so merry-go-round -> be happy doing it your way

  • unresolved emotional or relationship suffering no longer holds you back -> free from the past patterns

  • weight issues and emotional eating -> know what’s right for you and your body

  • spiritual or personal awakening symptoms and how to manage them optimally

  • minding your own business in every way leads to self-fulfilment

  • lack of self-worth and confidence are transformed -> you feel great being you

  • sense of incompleteness or unfulfillment no longer bothers you

  • create a sense of deeper connection with yourself and gain deeper insight into your true Being

  • deepen your relationship with yourself and explore your sovereignty

  • how to live in this world without losing yourself

  • unlimited… anything else that you want to bring forward for breakthrough… it’s all energy waiting to serve you!



Available online and in person, with a recording for your convenience (online only), sessions are:

– $175 for 60 minutes

– $225 for 90 minutes

– $515 Package of 3x 60 minutes sessions

Customize your sessions specifically for you, use the contact form to connect with me.



Please be advised that these sessions can be profound and stir up a things. These sessions are not for you if you are unwilling to be 100% accountable, nor be ready to be triggered and moved through these patterns, as facilitated by the coach.

  • The information provided by the coach is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
  • By participating, you assume all risks and liabilities associated with the program.
  • The coach makes no guarantees or promises regarding the results you will achieve from participating in their program or services.


I can’t wait to work with you and help you connect genuinely to your true full potential and love of Self. Are you ready?