I’m guessing you are here because you want breakthrough, healing and relief from struggle, feeling stuck, pain and stress! To mention a few…

If you are and have come to a point in your life, where you’re ready and willing to care for yourself fullly and create a shift in your life, then I can assist you.

I offer a wide range of skills and expertise, to assist your breakthrough – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and or energetically.

When you relieve pain and stress you will be able to step into more of your innate wisdom and self-love and be able and inspired to create the life, relationships, finances, health, mindset and soul connection you truly desire and deserve.

I’m excited and look forward to collaborating with you!


Trilby’s Services

To work with me and read more on what I offer, choose here and be sure to read below this what other client’s have experienced.

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I will meet you where you are and accompany you to where you want to go.

Can’t wait to get started!

Most Joyous.


I have struggled with worthiness for a long time. And having recently done some work on rejection and knowing more needed to be done coming across Trilby’s Breakthrough therapy looked like the ticket. It was. And more. I didn’t know what to expect, I just knew I was ready. Profoundly deep and powerful, this session has stayed with me for weeks and it keeps unfolding. I felt safe, supported and always was in a loving pair of hands. I wouldn’t hesitate to have another session, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is ready.”


“It never ceases to amaze me how every single time I have a session with Trilby, there is ALWAYS something new to be discovered and healed. Always! Today a very subtle yet POWERFUL transformation happened to me with her when I realized that I was caught up in an attitude of constant doing, never allowing myself to simply relax and just be myself… that’s the biggest shift in attitude I’ve had to date, to realize that “hey, it’s okay, I’m okay, it’s okay to be myself, I don’t have to add anything to me, I’m okay just the way I am”… a HUGE relief and a sense of freedom that’s growing in me deeper and deeper as we speak! Always the best, and I thank you for your great service Trilby!”


Well here I am a couple of weeks after my healing with Trilby and I am still pain-free in my back. I was extremely amazed at the immediate relief when working with Trilby by phone, of back pain that I had been carrying for many years. I had been able to release some of it through Spiritual healing previously, but I still kept re-injuring my back. Now, not only is the pain gone, but I feel that the need to hold on to that pain has gone, the fear of re-injuring and the need to re-injure has melted away. Yes I still have tightness that my chiropractor is helping me with, but the actual pain is no longer there. This is all quite overwhelming as I had accepted that I would be in pain for the rest of my life. Healing with Trilby has changed my future for the better. Love and light LM.


I saw Trilby for help with my chronic pain from an injured back, and pain and bleeding from endometriosis.
Trilby helped me find a new way of living with my pain, letting go of the fear that was causing a lot of my pain. Fear of pain on movement, fear that today’s pain would be permanent. She released my old, limiting beliefs, and replaced them with a belief in my own abundance of health.
So that now I do not experience the spikes in pain that I used to and I am able to use my body with more ease and love.
Before I came to Trilby I had seen a whole host of other practitioners in an effort to relieve my pain. All offered some relief, but most of it was brief. Trilby has somehow reset my pain, and given me the ability to keep well, well beyond our sessions together. For this I am forever grateful.”

Lisa B

I highly recommend Trilby for metaphysical energy work !
Trilby is amazing – I love her energy work, her ability to ask all the right questions, to help my body and mind release any emotions stuck in my body.
How do I know when I need a session? My body will tell me it needs help, whether that be sore areas or just not feeling right. Like brain fog.
With Trilby’s help, I am able to release whatever that is.
She’s even helped me overcome a fear of flying.

Recently, I was feeling very emotional, crying a lot, and not sure what it was all about. I booked a breakthrough session with Trilby to help me release this. I felt the release straight away – it’s hard to describe but it’s a feeling of a shift in my body and my head – like a lighter free feeling, and the heavy emotions are gone! Like when I was feeling sad and crying a lot – they disappeared.

I also highly recommend the Facial Diagnostics for Schuessler tissue salts. I hadn’t been to see Trilby for a couple of years and my body was telling me. I had been suffering with plantar fasciitis – I couldn’t walk my dogs and after a day at work standing all day it was very painful. After taking the prescribed tissue salts for a few months, I am now back walking dogs and no longer have the pain I had after a days work. Also sleeping much better.



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