The health and well-being benefits of massage therapy for the body are becoming more recommended and applied, when it comes to reducing pain and stress. But what about your face?

Many beauty treatments focus on the face, incorporating products to support the process. So what if there was a massage treatment for your face that doesn’t require any purchasing of products and stimulates and tones and rejuvenates and relaxes, naturally?

Now, there is!

The FACE MASSAGE TREATMENT, is a treatment that while focusing on toning and relaxing the face deeply and on a regenerative cellular level, simultaneously affords total body relaxation and deep healing.

This is achieved through stimulating and clearing meridians and assists in preventing ageing by boosting collagen.

The head and face are rich in pressure points, muscles and meridians and so this is an experience of overall well-being.

Pressure is applied by the fingers and all without products, making this treatment suitable for all skin types, both men and women.

To round of this deeply nurturing treatment, included is a delicious nurturing head and foot (or hands) massage.

Initially recommend starting with 3 consecutive weekly treatments to boost your skin and muscle tone, to be followed monthly or more frequent treatments for maintenance.

Single and concession treatments available.

1 hour – $100

3x 1 hour concession of one payment – $280