USUI REIKI is an ancient form of healing, in which the practitioner’s body serves to channel energy through the hands, or by distance, to the recipient, activating the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Reiki is beneficial for a wide range of symptoms and chronic ailments and provides relief and healing.  Plants and pets also respond well.
During a session, as the energy comes into balance and harmony, stress and tension are released and in their place a deep sense of relaxation develops and a tremendous feeling of well-being is established.

Healing across distance is also possible and just as effective, because energy is energy and is not bound to a context of time or space.

Benefits of Reiki:
– reduces stress and provides relaxation
– increases feelings of peace, security and improved well-being
– helps reduce anxiety or pain
– improves sleep patterns
– increases and stabilizes energy levels and moods
– compliments any medical or therapeutic treatment
– relieves side effects and promotes quicker recovery and recuperation|
– addresses the whole person and not just symptoms
– there are no known contra-indications


Want to learn USUI Reiki?
Everyone can learn Reiki and be initiated by a Reiki Teacher.  There are many different types of Reiki, schools and methods, each with their own requirements.  This is why some courses offer all levels over a few days and other schools take longer, spreading the levels over several weeks.

The energy transfer that is experienced during an initiation (or attunement) is metamorphic and the changes that take place require integration.  How much time this takes, depends very much on the individual and where they are on their journey.

The Usui System of Natural Healing, also know as Traditional Reiki, that I practise and teach, consists of three distinct levels of initiation and integration:
Reiki 1 (physical elements);
Reiki 2 (emotional aspects);
Reiki 3 (Master and/or Teacher) (spiritual aspects).

Both levels 1 and 2 are taught over two days, followed by a 21 day integration period.  This is in accordance with the traditional Usui teachings.  I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher and have been teaching for 15 years and continue to be excited with each class and Reiki client. I continue to be inspired by this simple yet powerful natural method of healing and have experienced and seen magic happen.


Reiki Sessions and Classes

– 60 minutes session – $95

– Reiki 1st degree (12 hours over 2 days) – $380 adults, $200 children 9-16, $200 attend as a refresher

– Reiki 2nd degree (9 hours class) $480 adults, $300 children 9-16, $200 attend as a refresher

– Reiki 3rd degree – Price on request on assessment. (3a is Master. 3b is Teacher. These are two separate tiers)

Want a REIKI class in your location? I am open to travelling to hold REIKI 1 and 2 classes within New Zealand as long as there are sufficient numbers. Get in touch if you would like to set up a class in your neighbourhoud.

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