What is the value of YOU?

by | Apr 23, 2011

As a Well-Being Facilitator, I often come up against the many ways in which I and others continue to limit ourselves in connection with our values. The polarity of what is or is not valuable!
Throughout our lives, we strive to uphold our values and the beliefs that stem from these. Yet how many of us are truly aware of these values and what they actually mean and the ways in which they both free and limit us?  Just ask a few people for what their values are and what these values actually represent to and for them and you open up a real can of worms. 
Values like respect, love, faith, hate, safety, time, money, etc are the backbone of so much of what we do and choose and yet how many of these values are truly of our own choosing and are they still valid for us today?
I particularly want to look at the value of VALUE here.  How do you value yourself? Do the ways in which you value yourself add to you and your life? Or do the ways is which you value yourself actually limit you? When you choose something, or not, does your value system, value YOU?
This came up for me a few days ago, when a potential client turned down a Reiki class for reasons of time and money.  How to argue against these two staunch and valid value systems? I started to go into the justification of why and how and when, only to stop myself. Where are all the places we use time and money as reasons for not valueing ourselves? 
I hold the value that where there is a will there is a way, so is it more correct to say that we always have the time and money, however, we would rather spend them on something else?
This distinction is a valuable one for me, because the intention of the underlying directive energy will set the tone and or vibration.
What is the value of a class and learning a new modality? Is it something that will add to your life and thus your contribution to others? What if the information from the class has a ripple effect in your life, way above and beyond the time and money you spend?

What is the value of choosing to pay medical bills rather than learn a bodywork modality that increases body health and awareness? Not only for you, but others as well.

What value do you attach to change and is it something you truly desire?

What is the value of time and money?  How have you made them more valuable than YOU?
I don’t know about you, but many times I have turned something down because the time and money were more valuable to me than ME.  I was not choosing to come from a space of valueing ME and then demanding that whatever was required to make it happen show up.  Is this insane or what?

As a practitioner, where have you made the modalities you work with more valuable than leaning something new? For me, there are no limitations in Oneness and yet within the practitioner field, I am constantly made aware of an unwillingness to explore anything new. What is the value of finding the one modality that works for everything and everyone?
I play with several modalities and use them all when I facilitate clients. For me, the value of a modality is how it expands and enhances everything in my life. Definitely worth the time and money, which I think of an investment in me.

As Neale Donald Walsch wrote, “your Life begins at the end of your comfort zones.” And what is the value of your comfort zones and holding on to them?  How do they validate you? 

What would your life look like if you choose every day in every way to value the Greatness of YOU, no matter what? What are the infinite possibilities?

NAMASTE and much gratitude.


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