Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

5896-fantasy-landscape“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” from Sonnet 18 of William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliette’ sprung to mind recently. This blog is not about the sonnet itself, but rather this simple yet profound question. Let me extrapolate.

This question sprang to mind as I found myself comparing myself to others and in a way that was bringing up some strong ‘negative’ self-judgement. On taking a closer look at the underlying energy, I had an epiphany as I came across a contradictory belief – I simply do not believe in competition. I value individuality and celebrate the uniqueness of each. Yet, here I was confronted by my own inner Judge. Which was a great moment, because now that I had identified who the players were, I could choose where to focus. This is when this question sprang to mind.

Being compared to a Summer’s day feels delicious. It it light and fluffy and filled will luminescence. There is an ease and a warmth of Being that I desire to experience and be in this comparison. It felt good. I felt good! Better than all that heavy judging stuff.

I really realized that to break free of old ways of thinking of beliefs systems that were limiting the birth of new creations for me and them manifesting in my life, I was and would have to focus exclusively on this delightful sense of what I already was and could accomplish from this place.

The only one that was bringing clouds and stormy dark weather into my day, was me. Each time I looked at myself or what I was doing in a way that devalued me, I took one step further away from my Soul. This is the reason that I felt so awful! I was disconnected. And I am definitely standing on the brink of ‘this is where it ends!’. Focus is such an amazing tool of choice, that can cut through so much unnecessary drama and trauma. I am no longer looking for the heavy and intense energy anymore. I am breaking free because I am already free. Identity is a facade that we wear to become ‘socially’ acceptable and which simply no longer works for me, if it ever did.

Shall I compare me to a Summer’s day? Absolutely! Free. Abundant. Generous. Light. Warm. Alive.

So if I am going to compare myself at all, I am going to choose the most amazing of things to compare myself to. I Am a Child of the Universe!

In Light.

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Interconnected Oneness

Interconnected Oneness

Tulips Near RuttenI know that everything is interconnected. I have felt it. And that as the Hathi’s said, where awareness goes energy flows and where energy goes awareness flows. Whichever is the predominate vibrational awareness will manifest and not focusing one’s awareness, a form of unconsciousness, is an awareness in itself.

With a strong connection to the Elemental Gaia, I know that Her plan is not our plan. All that is occuring is happening as a response to energy. We cannot get away from this fact. Everything is energy. All animals, plants, elementals, minerals, etc, everything does have a consciousness of its own, in that it is a part of a greater unfolding.

Humans are lucky in that they get to see, in this predominantly physical realm of denser vibration, the manifestation or de-manifestation of energy, visibly. That is, made physical, as are we! Because we have not been taught how to inter-commune with others or our surroundings, we are looking at things through the limited eyes of polarity thinking and until this shifts, well the rest of Creation is going to be doing what it has to do.

I hear people all the time moaning about the weather …………… too this, that, not enough this or that. When it rains I have to mow the lawn more often. Then they appear surprised when their lawn begins to die. The concept of Oneness already is. It is not something we have to attain, only to become conscious of. Creation is unfolding exactly as it is meant to. The Earth, Gaia does not need humans to continue. However, humans very much depend on the physical qualities of this planet to sustain their life. Whilst we are responsible for our vibration, the rest of the Universe is not dependent on it. This is a great arrogance that humans, if we are to survive, must transcend.

In Light.

The Compartmentalization of LOVE and what this can mean for you

The Compartmentalization of LOVE and what this can mean for you

actionbeingThe human mind and how exactly it functions is still very much a mystery today, even to scientists and those of us alive and living this experience of Life. Where does it begin and where does it end and what role does it play in our daily existence? Many theories and philosophies have been and continue to be put forward as to its origin, essence and functioning. Perhaps an even greater mystery however, is that of the human heart and its role in our human experience and emotions.

Thanks to recent research and advanced modern technology, researchers have been able to determine and monitor that the heart itself emits a distinct frequency of its own and that this frequency emission occurs prior to the brains perception of sensory information. This is called the ‘torus or toroidal field’. It is most interesting to note that the auric torus field around the body has its centre in the heart and that it also emits the strongest electromagnetic field (#EMF) in the body. The torus field is found around every atom’s nucleus, and in every cell of the body is found in the DNA spiral helix ‘receiver’. These findings are changing the way in which we view not only how we as humans function, they also present an array of greater possibilities and insights into the way we can live our lives. This goes way beyond what has previously been believed about human’s abilities to think and feel and adds a most interesting perspective to the myriad ways in which we view and experience the aspect of Love.

For many of us, over the past few year’s there has been a very distinctive shift in consciousness, as we have intuitively become more aware of this heart frequency field. Whilst the way this showed up may not seem like anything to do with love – global chaos, breakdown in relationships, business loss, more outbreaks of war, financial challenges, lack of reference points, methods no longer work, etc – there does seem to be an underlying common aspect of transparency that is coming to light. Perhaps the most challenging current aspect so many of us face today, is having the skills in ‘how’ to listen and act upon this frequency in such a way as to enrich our existence further and to step into a state of thriving and release the notions of surviving and striving. To move beyond the illusions of the world reality we know today, on personal and social levels. To embrace a level of personal self-actualization, whilst keeping in mind that as an individual, we are a part of the current society. It behooves us to focus most diligently and lovingly on our own personal journey of self-actualization. Why? Because, in my opinion and in conjunction with the workings of the torus field, the key to a fulfilling and joy filled existence is in choosing with consciousness, to operate from this frequency of Love. Could it be that this IS a hidden Knowing within our very make-up, written in our very DNA – that true unconditional guidance comes from and through the Heart?

Writings about Love and its virtues have been around since the beginnings of time and it continues to fascinate and allure so many today. Yet for so many true Love continues to remain elusive and the experience of only an alloted few. I feel this has to do with the way in which Love is viewed and defined in the group consciousness. There are many kinds of Love and everyone’s experience will differ, according to their personal stories, sensitivities and awareness. For the purpose of this article, the focus is on Self-Love, because in my observation and personal journey, it really is the one Love relationship that nurtures all others and through which all others are experienced. It is the aligning factor in our personal empowerment and autonomy.

The notion of Love and what it is, has been fed to us through social, religious, cultural, political, sexual, gender, familial and spiritual ideologies and philosophies for so long and so subtly that very few of us actually stop at all to ponder what the definition is. The power of the hypnotic entrainment hidden within this one word – the implicit belief and value systems that are so deeply entrenched in the group psyche and their effect – is not to be underestimated. I feel that the symptoms of this hidden agenda can be found in the confusion so many of us feel when it comes to the concept of Love – evidenced in our self- and personal-relationships. Why is it that so many of us do not feel loved or loving, despite holding the trappings of success that this reality decrees as truth? As long as you continue to buy into the commonly held definition and belief system of what love is or supposed to be without stopping to ask if the definition and subsequent belief system is true for you, then you will be unconsciously perpetuating the illusion of separation. And the only way in which this can change is through each of us taking a look at ourselves and then understanding how the energy of love works, so that we can operate from a place of conscious choice, when it comes to what matters most for us.

So how does this energy of love operate? My understanding and growing experience of this frequency called love, is that it really is unconditional. As is all energy mind you! However, there are frequencies and frequencies from which to choose. Everything in the Universe is currently experiencing a rise in vibrational frequency. There is an ongoing debate amongst researchers and authors as to what the actual hertz frequency of love is, as even here different definitions and thus belief systems are at play and providing interesting points of view. I personally feel that when one is in the presence of love, there is no doubt, nor words, which is in and of itself a challenge for the human mind. The human mind has been trained throughout social evolution to cognitively compartmentalize ideas, concepts, emotions, thoughts, behaviours. In other words, to make ‘reality’ fit! The Love energy does not operate along these linear and conceptual lines, despite all of mankind’s manipulation to make it appear so. Thus the concept of unconditional love. So what does this mean for you?

1. Drop all judgment
The biggest killer today is judgment. I am not talking about the kind of judgment which pertains to the purely cognitive processing of data. I am referring to the polarity based thought-forms that are instigate and rife on this planet. That creates the illusion of separation – even in love. Romantic love is a good example. How? This concept feeds the notion that we are separate. Not only as an individual but also within ourselves. That we can only be fulfilled when we have found our opposite! Then the true definition of what an opposite is, has been deliberately tampered with. When coming from a place of polarity there is never a winner. Not long-term. Because there will always be division. This is a distraction to lead us away from the fact that we are already One. Within Your-Self you are One. The vital life force that animates us all, is the same Source. Everything is already within each of us. The feminine and masculine aspects. Jung’s work highlighted this, although the cultural and professional context in which his work was presented, distorted his work to fit the accepted version of reality. So whilst there are gender differences, each gender holds within the whole!

As long as you are judging any part of you, you are in polarity thinking and divided within yourself. There is no division in love. It accepts everything as it is, whilst maintaining its unique resonence frequency. When you hold yourself in this particular frequency and make a choice from that space and place, there is no separation. And how will you know? Because you will have a sense of wholeness and completion.

2. Accepting what is
Byron Katie speaks of this in her work. What I love about Byron Katie, is her untiring drive for what I consider spiritual practicality. This suits me too, because we are after all faced with physical requirements here on this Earth plane. Allowing is for me a form of receiving which honours what is. To me it feels like that meditative state of knowing that there is an observer to all that transpires. There is no need to silence the mind, for it has its role to play. There is no need to choose between this or that, for there is the knowing that I am not that. There is the peace that comes with taking respons-ability for what is in my life now and then consciously choosing which step to take next and the direction.

A common belief is that giving is better than receiving. Really? For many years there was an incongruency around this energy dynamic for me. When I looked at who was stating this information as fact it made sense. All those organizations that stood to profit financially from people’s sense of guilt. Guilt, like many emotions, is based in limited thinking. It is time to re-cognize that the Universe is abundant. Just look at Nature to see this and also please acknowledge that you are a part of this Nature. Whist there is an order within Nature there is no judgment. There is a natural gifting just because!

The Universe is set-up to give you whatever you ask for. How do you ‘ask’? By means of your dominant vibration. So are you willing to accept that the Universe is abundant and simply desires to deliver unto you that which you ask for? When you compartmentalize your energy into good/bad, right/wrong, black/white you create a mixed signal. And the Universe responds. When you accept whatever it is, as it is and embrace it with love, there literally are no limitations. And the Universe responds.

3. Loving it all
Love does not discriminate between good and bad energy. To do so would require judgment. Love knows no taboos, yet respects all choices. Love is beyond belief systems, which are all creations of the mind. You cannot love some parts of yourself and not others and expect to experience wholeness. What you will experience is fragmentation. This is what is meant by the shadow-self. Not that this is good or bad. It simply is.

For many years, in my endeavour to move out of suffering and to be positive, I denied many emotions like fear, anger, anxiety, sadness, hatred etc. because they were labelled as ‘negative’. On a vibrational level, what this now means to me, is that these are heavier frequencies. And I feel it straight away when I pick up on them. With the exception that now I welcome them in, firmly balanced in the frequency of love. My version admittedly, however the transformation that occurs is undeniable. How do I know? Because I feel it with every fibre of my being.

4. Let your body be your guide
Your physical body is the greatest sensory computer available to you. It is constantly giving you information and feedback as to what is going on around you, so that you can choose what experience you desire to have next. So many people think of their body as a ‘thing’. I am still amazed at how cut off people can be from the living organism in which they live daily. I feel that much of the obsession with sex is a side effect of this sense of disconnection. For centuries the human body has been literally buried alive under judgment fueled by religions and cultural beliefs, in many ways fueling this dis-ease around the human body. Etiquette was established to define where and how it was acceptable to enjoy one’s physicality and anything outside of this was judged as depraved or a sin.

The body remembers everything. And not only from one lifetime. Cellular memory can be passed down from generation to generation through blood lines and DNA, if it remains hidden in the subconscious and is not transmuted. What I particularly love about bodies though and working with them, is that they never lie. Just like energy! What a coincidence, n’est pas. 🙂

Whilst your human body is very much programmed and designed to be in service to you, the vehicle for your Soul during your Earthly adventure, it does have an innate state of self-preservation. And thank goodness I say. When the balance between the human mind and the body consciousness drops out of alignment, energy begins to collect and creates a dis-ease. This can show up as a mental physical manifestation, like depression or anxiety. Or it can show up as a physical manifestation in the form of a physical misalignment, like cancer, pain, arthritis, etc.

So then in regard to the torus field, when you do not listen to your body, you are ignoring and impeding your Heart’s Knowing – connected to a far greater source of pure information than your brain – from enriching your human physical experience and its connection to universal energy.

So what is the value of compartmentalizing Love, or anything else for that matter? Just as a positive will cancel out a negative, so a higher frequency will entrain lower vibrational frequencies to accelerate and escalate their vibration in an ascending movement. So lower density energies are invited to move to a higher frequency. This is the reason that when you find yourself in the presence of true unconditional love, there will be no doubt in your mind. Because you will have become mind-less and heart-filled.

When you take action to consciously choose the space of frequency from which you desire to operate from, there is a huge shift. The Universe is a living and intelligent Energy Source that captures absolutely everything and responds accordingly. It takes an effort of your will, i.e. action to choose your thoughts. This will then impact and influence your behaviour, i.e. your doing. This will then be held within your YOU-nique vibrational frequency that you emit, i.e. your being. This is similar to being able to observe the ripple and the effect as separate yet the same movement. Just as when a pebble is thrown into a pond, this action creates the movement in the water, that sets the stage for the water to change it’s surface tension.

In conclusion, I invite you to please claim to know that everything is already within you. You come from Love because this is at your essence, as Source. You are already Love! I invite you to choose to step out from this space of Knowing and watch how you change the world as you step into a Beingness that goes way beyond your current identity and personality. As Gandi said, ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world!‘. This is about expansion, not about contraction, which compartmentalization is. The mind will never fully understand what the heart knows, however, it can be useful in it’s appropriate role and function. That is, to instigate the action required in this physical existence, after all information has been aligned with and from unfetted and unconditional Love.

May you enjoy the unfolding and expansion of your creations.
In Light.

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