Why You Are Not Consciously Thriving In Your Life

Why You Are Not Consciously Thriving In Your Life

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To truly thrive in life requires a consciousness that directs thriving frequencies so that they can be applied practically, effectively and efficiently. Plus a vehicle that is capable of receiving and streaming this information, that is your body. This is and what the Connective Embodiment™ Thriving Consciousness 4 Weeks Intensive installs and sets up for you in the areas of ‪#‎money‬, ‪#‎health‬, ‪#‎love‬ and many more……
Connective Embodiment™ is here to Illuminate, Simplify and Align. It is a quantum energy that is now available for upload on this Earth plane. The upload is facilitated by Trilby D. Johnson, and this consciousness serves as a platform between the physical body, its energy bodies and the intense accelerated photonic energies that are permeating all and now manifesting and coming into our range of awareness. This Connective Embodiment provides a physical context which will enhance the body’s cells ability and capacity to capture, encrypt, integrate and transmute these diverse and varied vibrational frequencies. This provides an easing of the strain and stress that our bodies are undergoing as they too acclimatise and rewires the brain installing new neural pathways.
Not only does Connective Embodiment encourage and oversee lightbody integration rapidly and with ease, it will directly hook you up to and align you with your original Soul signature’s blueprint. For centuries we have been out of alignment – thus off centre – from our our Soul signature’s tune. The majority of human bodies today are not able to tune into nor assimilate their tune efficiently and quickly. This has been visible in the constant and impenetrable sense of struggle and emotional upheaval that so many have experienced not only on a personal level, but on a social, cultural and even global level.

It is now possible to shift all of this held deep within the subconscious and to move on from striving to a life of thriving, with focus on the areas of money, health and love. Our current understanding and definition of these aspects has been skewed – deliberately manipulated – leading the majority to lead lives of quiet desperation and unexplainable suffering. Connective Embodiment is here to change this! It is deceptively subtly and extremely powerful. It is here to propulse us into the reality we are truly meant to be living and actively co-creating. One of expansion, health, abundance and joy.

If you are ready to move from struggle and striving and to fully embrace a thriving consciousness, please visit my website www.connectiveembodiment.com to read about all that will be illuminated, simplified and aligned in the 4 week intensive. It will quite simply be Life-Changing.

Now you may be thinking, this sounds too good to be true and it cannot be that simple. How is that programming working for you and showing up in your life? What if the beLIEf that no pain no gain is a lie that is keeping you separated and distracted from what really works for you? That keeps you in that space of feeling disconnected and dissatisfied with everything in your life, even though you may have what many consider an ideal life? If you are ready to change, experience a true sense of inner connection and alignment and be in-tune with life, then contact me now. Start investing in yourself now at http://www.connectiveembodiment.com

In Gratitude and Light.

Trilby D. Johnson is an Author and Vibrational Integration Mentor whose message of self-actualization, embodiment and self-love invites people from around the world to embrace their Sovereign Authenticity as they release chronic thinking around money, health and love. She provides tools and skills for people to live a life free of pain, suffering, sadness and self-limiting beliefs and makes spiritual living practical.

Find out more about the possibilities here – https://breakthroughsavvy.com

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The FREE Price Tag

The FREE Price Tag

FREE!  Wow, has this been brought into my awareness over the last few days!! I thought I would do like most others and follow the marketing tips by offering some free coaching sessions. Admittedly, with the intention of drawing more people in. I could just see them just discovering what a wonderful experience this was and then of course, signing up for more coaching. I really thought people would just jump at the chance to experience this.  Right? Uh, not quite!!

Firstly, I had no fish biting at all. Mmhhhhhhh. Not good enough bait? So I started asking questions. What was right about this that I was not getting? What showed up?

1. I felt deflated that no one had even responded. Where is the joy in that?

2. I fell into self-doubt, which is the ultimate attitude of lack. Where is the joy in that?

3. I tried to cognitively understand the cause as to why people would not jump at this free offer. Where is the joy in that?

4. I did actually facilitate two free sessions and the feedback was – honestly – nothing had changed. Of course, I took full responsability for this outcome – both mine and theirs. Generous or stupid? Where is the joy in that?

OK, so is it only me that’s sees a pattern here? Where is the JOY!!

This has been such a valuable lesson for me. Basically, how much do I value what I do? Am I valueing myself and standing in my joy when I give my services away for FREE or no thing?

Isn’t the Universe or LOA, wonderful? The information is always there and it will continue to show up in a myriad of ways – until we finally get it. For me, it was someone asking me this question: what is the value of giving away your sessions for free? GLOP!!This brought me up short, to a stockstill stand. There was no value and there was no JOY.

What I got out of it:

1. I am valuable and so are the gifts that I offer.

2. Anything FREE is not valuable enough to shift anyone’s belief. It’s simply too easy and therefor cannot work, thus has no value.

3. In the grand scheme of things, there is always an exchange of some kind. This is Law. It just probably never shows up like we expect it to.

4. My work and time is valuable. This involves my greatest commodity – my attention. So, to honour the exchange of energies, my time = money.

Now, knowing all this is of true value – and it did not come for FREE, but with blood, sweat and tears.

I Am Valued and Valuable. I Am supported and acknowledged in all I do, by My-Self, and Others.

In Gratitude and Light!