SimplY MagiC

SimplY MagiC

ImageIt has often been said that what is true is often cloaked in simplicity. For many a human mind, if it’s too easy or simple, it cannot be true. An interesting belief that ripples out to manifest this as a Truth.

Magic is much the same. In attempting to believe or understand Magic, the cognitive mind has created a complicated mystery. If the magical event is not earth shattering accompanied by fire works, many discount it as mediocre and insignificant.

I choose to believe that Magic is all around us all of the time and I enjoy observing how this shows up in my life. Let me share.

A few days ago, my vacuum cleaner packed up. So off I went back to the store to exchange it. This has been the third vacuum cleaner that I have had to return, although not the same make. I mention this because when I got to the store, they were really suspicion as to how come this was the third exchange I was requesting. I stayed really focused and light and did not allow myself to be drawn into the red tape drama. Finally they said I could exchange the item or get a refund. Choosing an exchange item, off I went to pick up a new vacuum cleaner. I was limited by the price and so had to choose another model. Here’s how the magic worked  ………………..

– I got to purchase a new and more powerful vacuum cleaner
– I got to save money because the new item was cheaper than the value I had available
– I got to saved an extra $20 because the new item was on sale
– AND although the sale has ended the day before, the vendor gave me the sales price
– I received a credit note which enabled me to purchase items that I had on my wish list.

I left the store with a big grin on my face and my Heart filled with De-Light, knowing that I had just experienced a magical moment, that had been a gift to my asking. Simply MagiC!

I was in the Zone, connected and receiving. It felt wonderful and yes, it defied logic. How cool is that?

Magic is around everywhere, all of the time. As energy follows Awareness, becoming and being aware of the magic that is, enlivens it and gives it form. It’s not by accident that it is called a Wish List.

Here’s to the Magic that makes Wishes true! May you enjoy your Creations.

In Light.



Trilby Johnson is an Intuitive Well-Being Facilitator and the Founder of Connective Embodiment(TM), a Radio Host and a distributor for Natural Action Structured Water Units.

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