Beyond Miracles …………. adieu!

Beyond Miracles …………. adieu!

Adieu is a french term that is used to mean farewell. I have taken the liberty to break it down into A DImageieu – which could literally be translated as “To God”. This post is a dedication and a farewell to Herbie the baby hedgehog. He passed over last week. He showed me that love, miracles and grace do exist.

When this little baby hedgehog came into my life just over three weeks ago, I had no way of knowing of how much this small creature would teach me and gift me. And how much I would come to love and miss him ………………

My last blog I spoke about how Herbie showed me that miracles do exist and that they can be expected. So when he left, a part of me wanted to discount the miracle that had come before. After all, his leaving wasn’t part of something miraculous …………. or was it?

Spirit does not see things in the way that the human mind does and so it does not see any limitations or make judgements. Spirit continues to flow and change and expand and be. The human mind when confronted with a different or uncomfortable or painful outcome, will always attempt to discredit the magic. When magic is allowed to run its true course, the outcome is far greater than anything we can imagine, even if it appears in a totally unexpected way or form. Whilst I know that death is simply a changing of form, I do miss seeing and having Herbie’s little physical form around. Yet the gifts he gave me far outweigh the feeling of loss. He touched my life with his presence and love……. and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now, he is free and I know he is dancing and playing with the faeries at the bottom of the garden.
Beyond Miracles ………..

In Light.


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