I AM Alignment Meditation


Enjoy inner harmony and outer balance with this meditation to expand your well-being, facilitated Trilby Johnson


This powerful meditation procures a deep sense of inner connection and expands your well-being.
Facilitated by best selling author Trilby Johnson, she leads you through consciously and subconsciously activating and aligning with your ‘I Am Presence’.

This profound alignment to your ‘I Am’ supports your body, emotions, mind and soul to assimilate and integrate a new vibrational state of being, organically and effectively, with ease.
Note: If any terminology in the meditation doesn’t feel appropriate for you, simply choose some that does. This assists in circumventing mental distraction.

You get 4 versions to download – 1 audio track without music and 3 with different soothing music.
Try each and switch them around to keep your meditation practice fresh.

Listen often to experience the full benefits – especially when you feel unbalanced or ungrounded.
Listen whilst sleeping, or with the volume low and continue to receive the energy downloads.
Please do not listen whilst driving a vehicle.

Enjoy expanding your overall sense of connection and well-being.

Please note you have 21 days to download your files. If you have any issues with purchasing or downloading your product, please email me.


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