Enriched Living VIP Day

VIP Enriched Living Experience Day

Have you been feeling frustrated, stumped and confused in your life, relationships, finances, business, mindset or health?

Do you tell yourself that something is wrong or missing and your just can’t put your finger on it ?

Have you tried all kinds personal transformation and are still not seeing and experiencing the results you hoped for?

Are you FINALLY ready for Enriched Living™?

Then I welcome you to immerse yourself in my one-day VIP Enriched Living Experience Day.

This solution is perfect for YOU if:

  • You have unresolved emotional trauma and pain that is impacting your everyday life,
  • you find it difficult to go to work and enjoy your job,
  • you can’t spend time with your friends and family,
  • you feel invisible and often overlooked when it comes to promotions,
  • your intimate relationship are strained and stressed
  • you have ongoing unresolved health issues,
  • you’re struggling with finances or making your business profitable and it’s wearing you down
  • you lack confidence and a feeling of self worth
  • you don’t believe you are good enough or that your opinion counts

Are you ready to heal yourself and give yourself this gift of a day of radical emotional breakthrough so that you can move forward with your life and express who you really are, feel confident and successful in your own skin, without stress?

As a forward thinking and conscious spiritual entrepreneur, talented healer, coach or transformational change maker yourself or simple someone who is sick and tired of feeling down and out and frustrated, you don’t consider yourself a victim and are ready to take big action.

What you are looking for is a BREAK THROUGH

You are evolving as an individual and master of your life. What used to empower you no longer works, leaving you confused and emotionally disconnected. You need a new and radical way to advance without feeling like you have abandoned your values, integrity or beliefs.

Fast personal growth has resulted in some chaos and highlighted a few stumbling blocks — you’d like to strengthen your natural resources so you can continue to scale your transformation, well-being and success.

You feel called to follow something deep within you but you aren’t completely sure how to be that person fully. You’d like to elevate your conscious creative practices and deepen your personal power, confidence and ability to make the right decisions without losing yourself or fear rejection.

What’s included in your VIP Enriched Living Experience Day

  1. We’ll meet at my home in New Zealand, or virtually online if travel is not an option, for five hours. Our time together will include lunch.
  2. You’ll receive a Welcome Package so I can learn more about you and we can immediately dive into your day.
  3. About two to three weeks prior to our in-person session, you will receive a 30 minute virtual body energy assessment scan. This will help me pin point the areas you want to focus on during your special VIP Experience .
  4. We will have one more 60 minute follow up cal, to ensure that you are on track and able to integrate your new resources effectively.
  5. You’ll also have unlimited email access to me for 60 days.

What we will cover:

Your VIP day experience is tailored to bring the specific transformation and break through YOU are seeking

-> First we will focus on identifying your limiting beliefs that cause you to stay stuck.

We’ll radically transform them, so that you are equipped with a new belief system that supports your growth and allows you to be genuinely happy, healthy, successful.

-> Next you receive a personalized Energy Alchemy Reboot Session

This will ground and centre yourself, giving you clarity and opening space for new behaviours to be implemented.

-> Then we look at your Body component

How the issue is impacting you physically and uncover your body’s hidden wisdoms to make more intuitively informed decisions

-> After this we look at at your Spiritual / Energy Levels

You’ll learn how to follow your intuitive insights and direct your energy to support your well-being so that you can perform confidently at your highest potential.

-> We will end our day with a Personal channelled mindfulness meditation and you will receive a recording

On completion of your V.I.P. Day, you will have a permanent record of the following:

  • Zoom recording of 30 minute virtual body energy assessment scan
  • Zoom recording – audio and video – of your day
  • This will include your unique reboot session, all the energy transmutation processes and your personalized channelled mindfulness message.
  • 60 minutes follow-up Integration Call

Can a V.I.P. Day really help you gain clarity and resolution?

No matter how much we have learned on our own, there comes a time when it’s necessary to step outside and look for resources that will support you in not only finding out what you don’t know, but also resolving them. Working with a coach or mentor – someone who has already done the work and figured out the process – can save you the time and frustration. This means you will get results quicker and with more ease.

A V.I.P. Day pinpoints the changes that need to be implemented to get you the radical resolution you are seeking and desire. You will have the knowledge, strength, know-how to be able to take the steps. And you will no longer be held back by old beliefs and behaviours, plus your body mind spirit will be energetically aligned with your new visions, so that implementation is much easier to achieve and adjusting feels organic.

How much do you invest for your VIP Enriched Living Experience Day with Trilby Johnson?

Choosing a full day to focus on yourself, will require an investment. It’s all about prioritizing. A powerful way of setting correct priorities is by asking yourself how much is NOT resolving your past trauma and pain and living the life you want costing you?

  • How much does it affect your family and friends?
  • How much are your stress levels and aging affected?
  • How is your health being impacted as you continue to hold onto baggage not allow yourself to Heal Alleviate Cultivate your relationships and stress and to Go From Zero to Hero?
  • When you look back on your life, will you regret what you didn’t allow yourself to do?
  • How much have you spent on others and issues that haven’t really contributed to you being happy, healthy, successful and only offered only temporary gratification?
  • Stop playing small and safe – you are robbing the world of your contribution and once they see your happiness, fulfillment, and inner peace, they will feel inspired to have the same.
  • Stop putting yourself at the bottom of the pile of your priorities, and realize and align with the value of Who You Truly Are.

Your V.I.P. Bonuses

  • You will receive copies of Trilby’s books – in paperback – FREE:
    – ‘
    A-Ha Moments – Inspirational Quotes to Shift Your Thinking’ (Value $18.99) AND
    – ‘
    Fearlessly Alone – Stop the Lonely Crisis and Find Your Happy’ (Value $29.95)

  • You save $25 off one Alchemy Refresher Session with Trilby. Offer valid 3 months from date of your Integration Session.

Ready to get started?

  • If you feel ready to get started, apply now. We’ll ask you some basic questions about you, your life, health and goals. Then we will set up a time for you to discuss this opportunity with Trilby.
  • This investment is customized to your needs (but it is a significant investment so only apply if you are ready!). Thank you.

Apply Now!

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